Tuesday, June 9, 2009

English should be a "must pass" subject...

As to Tan Sri Muhyiddin's statement on whether English should be a "must pass" subject, I shall fully support on which statement.

The ministry's decision would definitely be very crucial to determine the future of Malaysia education system. Should this policy does implement by the Ministry Of Education, I do believe that this would probably benefit Malaysia and its Malaysians.

This simply denotes Malaysians are heading towards Vision 2020. Basically, we get the responses of which most people seem to be objecting this policy as they did to PPSMI. For the people who oppose this coming-up policy and the PPSMI, they should not be narow minded in which they have neglected the importance of English in fighting for national language. This shouldn't be. For God sake, they could only be the Hero in our country but never the one who can speak up in the international forums Or conferences. Why? People around the world have yet understood and spoken bahasa Malaysia widely, so as to convey Or deliver some msg from our country, by all means, Malay could not.

Futherance, the opposition never brings some examples of those 1st countries of which Korea, Japan where they use their own national languages in their government system this is due to we have yet reached the level of where people from the world have to learn and obtain something from us such as our technologies, knowledges and so on. Our atmosphere is unlike Japan and Korea. I do not mean we have to use English forever but we have to understand and wake up from the dream. We shall first utilise English by mastering it as to compete with others. We adopt the technologies, the knowledges and we further transform it! This is what Japan- Toyota did. Toyota was not the first automaker in the world but Benz did. Should we observe the reality, Toyota is ahead of Mercedes Benz. Adopt and transform, this is the principle we have to follow and obbey! Malaysia can be ahead of others if we work hard!

In course of this, they(opposition) virtully oppose thes policies (PPSMI and coming up English-"must pass" subject) is tinged with they worry of the rural areas students as they couldn't catch up the English. If so, when are thet going to catch up??? I they think this policy is cruel, what can further let them to improve their English???

Hence, do think and consider in a mature way before oppose something which really benefits the nations and could lights up the future of Malaysia.

They should not forsake English. Foresee the future and lets implement it!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bankruptcy...Insolvency... What's that???

I was approached by a Client wherein whose case is about Insolvency & Bankruptcy matters. I further did some research on bankruptcy Act and spoke to the Insolvency Department Officer.

Basically, Insolvency is differ from Bankruptcy. An act to refuse to pay Or unable to pay the debt of the Creditor is said to be insolvent, and this might constitutes to Bankruptcy. A person is said to be Bankrupt only when he Or she is declared Bankruptcy by the Court through an Order. This Order is due when The said Creditor files an petition to Court. However, there are so called "Rules & Regulations" where the Petitioner needs to obey & follow and these said Rules are governed under Bankruptcy Act 1967.

The petition shall come effect commencing the Grant of the Order of Bankruptcy. This Order might sounds "Protective" To the Debtor as No creditors to whom the Debtor indebted in respect of any debt shall commence any action Or legal proceedings against the Debtor. However, the weather isn't stay nice & windy for the whole day, it always come with rain. Similarly, the "Protected" Debtor would probably loses all his rights on his property's affair. Every single of his assets com into the hand of the Director General of Insolvency. And these assets shall further become divisible among his creditors.

Dudes, never think of "Running" away from this "Protect". Never think of imigrating to other countries as u might think that probably will free yourself from all liabilities. Why? This is simple because the Court can at any time detain u and the Court can commit u to Prison unless u give a security where u promise not to leave the country.

However, we have to remember that the above mentioned situations are due to personal bankruptcy. There is also the other type of bankruptcy where it will sense more "protective" to the Bankrupt. This happens when a receiving order is made against a firm in the firm's name the Court shall not adjudge any person bankrupt as a member of the firm unless such person is proved to the satisfaction of the court to be a partner by his own admission or by evidence of oath.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Court???... What do people feel about Court?

2day, i'm approached by an old lady where we act as her Solicitors to take charge of a matter of which Probate matter. Basically, we need to file a petition to High Court to get a so called Grant Of Probate before the lady could legally execute her husband's (deceased) property. So, I had a conversation with the lady for almost 40 minutes, I was not surprised when she asked us how long should this take about as she handed the similar case to her previous lawyer and the lawyer drag about 2 years. By all means, she was quite angry & unsatisfied with our Court System.

Generally, people are not sure what is the "Court" and to what extend The Court has its power. Additionally, people do think that Court is the place where Criminals are taken to be tried. Similarly, people refer the Court to the Criminal Court. Perhaps, we do have Civil Court System. This means that initiating Or considering initiating court proceedings involves an automatic sense of being involved in wrongdoing and a fear that no one may somehow be punished. The Public has always bear in mind that "I have never had to go to court because I have done No wrong, Thankgoodness". Furtherance, people always question "Do you think you would get a fair hearing if you went to court?"... "Do you have confidence in our Court System?"as we are always told that there are many Corrupted Judges sitting on the bench despite enjoying their Judge's lives.

For God Sake, this is the negative perception of the Public on our Judicial System. However, in real world, Court is the right place where we can seek for Justice. Let say, the Government corrupts, the Rule makers worse, the only hope left to us is our Court. No matter what happens, Court should never fell in Darkness. Fairness would definitely be the Doctrine of which the Court should upholds until... No end... "I might sound biased to the Court?"

One more matter which I like to touch on which is the "hearing" of Court Case. Generally, Public has the sense that the proceedings of the Court are very interesting where they are Plantifs and Defendants arguing on behalf of their Clients. In some circumstances, I must agree with u that the Arguments do take place but believe me, Proceedings are never the same as we watch in TV & dramas. Speaking frankly, it is quite boring! This is what I could vomit out after I attended some hearings in Courts.

Hence, people shall understand despite knowing our Court more in detail. Perhaps, legal field people may liable to take up this responsiblity? We don't want people have the thoughts of which Court is only refer to Criminal Courts solely...