Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Say NO to Common Bar Exam

My dear friends,

Common Bar Exam (hereinafter referred as CBE) is 'to be' imposed.

How much do u know about CBE?

Why some people are so concern about CBE???

This is due to the fact that this CBE will replace the current Certified Legal Practice (exam) which is currently only restricted to those who pursue their LLB in private institutions. The rationale why CLP is not invoked on public universities students is that pursuing LLB in public uni requires 4 years to complete but only 3 years in private. This additional 1 year in Public uni we learn professional subjects like Criminal & Civil Procedure Code, Ethic and etc.

In Malaysia, we have only around 15 law schools inclusive of Public uni and private colleges. The reason of requiring the graduates from private colleges to undergo CLP is to equip them with Malaysian Legal knowledge on account of they learn nothing about Malaysian Law along their 3 years LLB.

For Local Uni, we are learning Malaysian Legal System, we don't answer common law in exam for most of the subjects coz we are taught with Malaysian Law, we apply Malaysian cases. 4 years of exposure to Malaysian Law is far more enough than 1 year of CLP.

As far as we concern, there's no problem with CLP until this was raised by private institution in the year of 2000 and further proposed by Dato' Ambiga in 2006 who was the President of Bar Council at that juncture. The fact is that to pass CLP, it is undeniable not easy and due to that they have no choice but to spend a few hundred thousands to pursue their Bar at overseas (Lincolns Inn / Middle Temple/ Inner Temple etc.) in order to allow them to become legitimate lawyers.

Sudah tentu, there's no problem for those who are Kaya. How about for those who can't really afford; what to do??? Oppose CLP and propose a uniform exam for all regardless where he/ she studies.

For me, they are being too selfish! Why?

1st: to pursue law in private institution is not hard at all as compared to public uni provided u Kaya!

2: they don't require u to have 10As or 3.6 above to pursue LLB, 4 credits dalam SPM cukup laa; Again Janji Ada Duit!!!

3. Private institutions are not selective when it comes to admission coz the best candidates are admitted to public uni.

4. They can't afford to choose sebab kalau nak pilih, semua x layak; kalo x terima sape nak bayar gaji pensyarah & kerani itu pasal they select everyone Janji Ada Duit???

5. Private institutions graduates can't put at par with us because everyone knows to pursue Law in local universities u must be really GOOD; not only academic wise but also your curriculum.

6. We don't need CBE to produce capable & eligible lawyers as 4 years LLB in public uni are more than sufficient for us to know and faham Malaysian Law as compared to CLP which u learn Malaysian Law not even 1 year.

From this, it is clear cut that the problem is with Private institutions and has nothing to do with UKM, UM, UIAM, UiTM, UUM, UDM, USIM *correct me kalau ade yang tertinggal. This is not about 'tolerance', this isn't about Right To Be Heard.

I give u an analogy, when u know someone steals your handphone *Blackberry (hahaha. Sajer...) and he then asked u to give it to him, are u going to compromise and give away ur thousands of ringgit to him just because of he tells u he can't afford Blackberry??? Can he claimed he has right to express? Please la. Fuck off (sorry, m abit harsh) Don't deprive our right and further claim u r upholding your right 'so called equality'.

Halo, when I have nothing to with this problem, don't come and pull me in this trouble; this is your trouble in your colleges ok! Damn!!! Friends, I would only agree to have CBE provided Private institution practice our system of admission meaning to say, only pick the best! Not only that, they teach Malaysian law for four years, just like what we practise! If u think u r learning foreign law is so good, by all means don't kacau us!!! We say NO to Common Bar Exam.

Voices of Public Uni Law Graduates

By JR Tey
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia